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The most significant aspect of The Kingdom of Santa Claus is revealed in its content and original identity recognized as a reference in contemporary Christmas, protected by international copyright.

Partnership e licenze regno di babbo Natale

The Kingdom of Santa Claus is an original world (already available in the international English version), consisting of stories, characters (Buddy and Pretty the Elves, Rudy and Lampo the Reindeers, Henry the Nutcracker, Steve the Candy Cane, the little star Lucy, the grumpy Dr. Krampy, and so on...) all with well-defined characteristics, songs, and shows.

Valuable content is available to be licensed to partners carefully selected worldwide. Potential licensees or partners of The Kingdom of Santa Claus may include product brands wishing to characterize their Christmas line with the Kingdom's identity, amusement parks seeking the license for their initiatives, publishers, directors, and TV/Cinema producers who can license the rights to our classic stories and characters cherished by children around the world.

Characters of the Kigdom Santa Claus

They are the protagonists of the Kingdom's identity and highly original licensing initiatives. From original illustrations to paintings, to animated 3D assets in CGI, they form the foundation of this enchanting world.

Buddy the 100% Elf

100% elfetta

Pretty the 100% Elf


Lucy the Star

Steve il Candy Cane

Steve the Candy Cane

Henry lo schiaccianoci

the Nutcracker

Rudolph la renna

Rudy the Reindeer

Lampo la renna

Lampo the Reindeer

dr krampy

Dr. Krampy

Stories of the Kigdom Santa Claus

The characters of Santa's Kingdom are connected by original stories, with a deep focus on moral values, written and created by the Kingdom to entertain its fans worldwide.

Le storie del Regno di Babbo Natale

Music of the Kigdom Santa Claus

Just like the stories, RBN Editions holds the rights to the entire musical repertoire of Santa's Kingdom. A comprehensive repertoire (over 30 tracks) includes hit songs to sing and dance to, as well as ambient and instrumental arrangements to characterize paths or video/advertisement backgrounds.

La Sigla del Regno di Babbo Natale:

La Stella dei desideri:

Shows of the Kigdom Santa Claus

From the original stories, characters, and music, unique and engaging entertainment shows have emerged. A repertoire ranging from small pre-show sketches to full-fledged musicals within theme parks!

Paths of the Kigdom Santa Claus

The main element of the Kingdom of Santa Claus is the ability to offer paths based on universal values, ensuring each visitor a truly unique experience. This orientation is documented and collected in the book "Every Day is Christmas" personally written by Giorgio Onorato Aquilani: the founder of the identity and philosophy of The Kingdom of Santa Claus.

Qui lasci il presente


Every content in the Kingdom of Santa Claus takes shape while considering universal moral values. Every activity is structured to entertain and convey something good and virtuous. Beyond the stories, there is a Funny Learning section that includes projects such as the Zodiac (representation of the 12 Signs with characters from the Kingdom) and the Elfabet... an illustrated alphabet inside a coloring book where each initial represents the same concept both in English and Italian..

Il Regno di Babbo Natale Educational


Il Regno di Babbo Natale Trademarks

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